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  1. NO MEANS NO.  Everyone hears it sooner or later - be respectful of other's preferences. 

2. Must be over 21 with picture ID. You will be asked to show your ID at the door.

3. DRESS CODE - Females may dress risque. See through is fine, but please wear cover ups in areas outside the party.  Males should also dress to Impress, no tee shirts, tennis shoes and sandals.

4. No nudity, sex or lewd behavior in the public areas. What you do in the privacy of your hotel room is up to you!

5. You MUST cover up appropriately in the public areas (not everyone in the hotel is in the lifestyle).

6. No cameras / cell phone use ( because of photo technology) are allowed at the party. No recording devices, video or audio.

7. Party rooms themselves are for use by actively participating couples and singles. Single men must are not allowed to stand and gawk.

8. Appsolutely No illegal drugs allowed.

9. No drunken, or obnoxious, behavior. Be polite & courteous (No Pressure).

10. You must wear your wristband at all times.

11. If you break any of these rules, you will be asked to leave and escorted to the door. You also may be banned from future events.

12. Please keep the party area clean. Trash cans are placed around the room for empty bottles, cups, etc.

13. Hotel personnel are to be treated with dignity, honor and respect.  We act as the liaison between you and the hotel.  If you have a problem with your room or anything else, contact us first. 

14. Respect other guests in the Host Hotel with regards to noise in the hallways. We reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone, at any time.

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Be Smart - Play Safe - We Do

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