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Frequently Asked Questions


Where are the Parties Located?

Dark Cavern Real Players Club parties are usually in Tampa or Sarasota but we use other areas in Florida as demand dictates.

How do I Reserve a Hotel Room for the Parties if I Want One?

 We strive to provide discount room rates for our members at nearby hotels. We must know if you are interested in advance of the meeting so we can reserve the proper number of rooms. The location and rates will be made available to members when the event is posted on the party calendar. We strongly encourage anyone drinking to reserve a room or to arrange safe transportation.

What is the Dress Code?

  Everyone should Dress to Impress, and we leave that definition up to you.

What Age do You Need to be to Join?

 Because there is alcohol on premises at member functions, you must be at least 21 years of age to attend. Please have your ID with you at the door.

What is the Age ranges of Those who Attend the Parties?

  20s to 50s. These are for more experienced couples and singles who are comfortable in an action oriented party setting.

How Many People Normally Attend the Parties?

 Attendance at our parties varies depending on the time of year, the type of function and the venue.

What Should I Expect?

 A fun, no pressure atmosphere of like minded adults interested in making new friends in the lifestyle.

Is There a Newcomers Orientation?

  Not formally, but one of us are always available to answer any of your questions

Can I Come and Go as I Please?

 Yes...as long as you have your original wristband when you return to the party.

Do You Allow Singles at the Parties?

 Yes, but by Invitation only. Select single females and male guests are pre screened for compatibility with our couples members.

Are the Parties BYOB or is There a Cash Bar?

 BYOB. We will provide mixers and ice. 

It's Our First Time What Should We Expect?

 Chances are you are not the only newcomers. We provide a safe and no pressure atmosphere to have fun while having the opportunity to meet other interesting members.

 Am I Safe Attending Your Parties?

 In a word, Yes. We have a zero tolerance for anyone misbehaving. They will be asked to leave immediately and escorted to the exit. If you find there is someone breaking our rules or is making you uncomfortable, please let one of us know.

What Kind of Entertainment is There?

 At DCRP Club: Each other...do we need any more?

What are the Dates and Times of the Parties?

Check the Party Schedule Page.



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