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Cruise FAQ

Do you have every cabin?

Yep, every single one of them

Can singles sign up?

Sorry, this is a "Couples Only Swinger's Cruise".

What is a "Swinger's Cruise"?

1st of all, let's define the word "swinger": Swingers are made up of people in a relationship that are non-monogamous. Many singles are non-monogamous and no one thinks anything about that, but many people expect couples (especially married ones) to be monogamous.

The simple truth is that most people just aren't wired that way. Plain and simple, people are attracted to other people. That is why there is such a high divorce rate (around 50%) and one of the top reasons for this: infidelity. Not being able to have more than one sexual partner has created millions of divorces in this country. Swingers have found their solution for this: non-monogamy or the practice of couples having more than one sexual partner.

On a "swinger's Cruise", other open minded people will be on board hoping to meet other couples like themselves and hoping to start new friendships, re-establish old bonds and make new friends (with benefits).

What does the term "Lifestyle" mean?

In this context, it is a shortened version of "the Swinging Lifestyle". Many people don't like the words "swing" or "Swinger", so they have shortened the phrase to simply call it "the lifestyle" in an effort to separate their play choices from those that might invoke negative stereotypes.

Is this a "Nude Cruise"?

Yes and No. 1st of all, our ship will have a clothing optional pool deck, but our cruise is different from most "Nude Cruises" because we are open about the fact that this is marketed to couples that are in the "Swing Lifestyle". Not only will you be able to sunbathe nude, but you will be able to dance on our stripper poles, participate in our sexy contests and enjoy an atmosphere quite different from a traditional "nude cruise".

Will I have to get naked?

Of course not. You can participate as much or as little as you like. While there will certainly be a lot of couples that do decide to go nude on our pool deck, there will be plenty others that only go topless, some that will be wearing g-string bikinis and yet others that will be fully dressed. This is "Your Cruise", so you get to decide what your comfort level is.

Will Public Sex be allowed?

No. We encourage people to be sexy, but we cannot allow public sex for two reasons: 1. The ship's crew will be serving drinks, food and cleaning up after everyone and they don't need to be subjected to public sexual activities. 2. We run a classy cruise and we believe that there is a time and a place for everything. We believe that the place for sexual activities is behind closed doors. So please have fun, but if you want to take it one step further, please head back to your cabins or go to the designated private play areas on board the ship.

What goes on in the designated Private Play Areas?

As much or as little as you like. We simply provide a safe, clean and classy place for everyone to meet, from there, it is up to you. If you want to participate in sexual activity with another consenting couple, then that is up to you. If you want to be part of a group or simply watch, then that is your choice.

Will I have to do anything with anyone if I don't want to?

Again, of course not. You decide when or if you want to participate, the universal saying in the "swing lifestyle" is "No means No". If anyone is pushy or doesn't understand this saying, then contact one of our cruise staff members and they will deal with the other passenger. Anyone that will not follow our rules can be put off the ship at the next port with no refund.

Do I have to be a "Swinger" or "in this lifestyle" to go on the cruise?

Absolutely not. This cruise is for experience couples as well as those that are just curious. We will have several speakers on board teaching informative seminars that will help new couples understand and find their place in this lifestyle.

We are looking for couples that like to dress sexy, that like to go out and flirt, that might be exhibitionists or voyeurs, that have experience with a 3 some or moresome. We are looking for other Fun Couples, are you one?

What if I am not sure if this is right for us?

How long are you going to let life (and our ship) pass you by? Life is short and we aren't getting any younger. What's the worse thing that could happen? You go on a great cruise and find out that this lifestyle isn't for you. Or, you go on a great cruise and meet new friends, you grow as a couple, explore things that you didn't even know existed and have the time of your life.

Should I surprise my wife/husband?

Ah, no. There is one thing that we have learned in life, in most cases the only surprise that is welcome is a dozen roses. Before you will even be allowed to get on board the ship, you will both have to sign a form that says that you understand that this is a "swing" theme cruise (and we aren't talking about swing dancing!). I don't think that is the best time for your partner to figure out what you have booked them on.

What is the age group that will be on board?

Our events and cruises draw a wide variety of ages. While we do believe that you are as old as you feel inside, our median age is probably 45-50 but we certainly have a lot of couples in their 30's & 40's and some in their 50's & 60's.

Do we have to be Married to Attend?

No, the only thing we require is that you be 21 or older and that you sign our Rules & Conduct Policy. Click Here to read our Rules and Conduct Policy.

Are there any other rules we should know of?

Yes, you must have fun and enjoy yourselves. It's a rule and it's enforced!

What ship are we sailing on for the full ship charter?

Radiance of the Seas (Ship registry - Nassau , Bahamas), for a complete review and more info on this fantastic ship, Click Here

Does the Cruise line know what kind of a charter this is?

Yes, of course. Every cruise ship and hotel we produce events at know exactly what kind of an event is going on. We have worked with their legal department to make sure that our rules and code of conduct matches their own goals and guidelines. Other cruise promoters have been banned from other cruise lines because they weren't upfront about their customers or they didn't establish a proper code of conduct for their guests.

We have proved ourselves to RCL with our smaller groups and we have earned the right to charter a full ship.

When do we need to book?

That depends on the type of cabin you want. We expect the bigger suites to go very quickly and the Junior Suites soon after that. If you want an inside cabin, you have some time before you need to book, but when the cabins are gone... they are gone. We recommend at least putting down a deposit so you won't miss out on this exciting adventure.

What is included in the cost?

The price includes your cabin, all meals, some beverages (tea, juices, water & lemonade), 24 hour room service, nightly entertainment, use of the ship's gym, and access to all of the public bars, disco, theaters, shows & pools.

What doesn't it include?

Eating at one of the specialty restaurants (Chops: a Steakhouse and Portifino's: a fine Italian Restaurant), spa treatments, alcohol, sodas, any port excursions, photographs, items from the shops.

How much is the taxes & Tips?

The port charges, taxes, gratuities, document, administration and security fees are $275.00 per person ( $290.00 p/p suites )

Where can we book?

Right here! You can click on our booking link and start your reservation now.

What if I have to cancel?

We have a standard cancellation policy. Click here to get all of the details.

Are airlines included?

You must make your own flight arrangements to Tampa, Fl. There are taxis that can take you to the cruise terminal in the Port of Tampa. There are many hotels close by that offer free shuttle service to and from the cruise terminal.

Can I pick my own Cabin?

Yes, the earlier you book, the better chance of having the cabin you want. If it is important for you to be close to the center, on the fantail of the ship or in one of the bigger suites, you'll need to act quickly or those cabins will be gone.

When does the ship sail?

It will move away from the dock at 4:30 pm (that way, you'll have some time for sun and fun on our way out to see). You can start boarding the ship at 10:30 am.

When will we get our cruise documents?

You will receive a invoice from your travel reseller approximately 2 – 4 days after making your booking. On bookings received by Dec. 31 , 2009, you will receive your Reservation number, by January 15, 2010, so that you can start booking some of our incredible shore excursions planned . While we will have a number of custom designed excursions, these will be booked directly through Royal Caribbean. All new bookings received during 2010, our customers will receive their Reservation number within a month from the time of their booking.

What about a hurricane?

We purposefully booked this cruise out of the height of hurricane season. If the ship needs to re-direct it's course due to a storm, it will do so and let us know. Usually, this is done at the last minute (since storms are unpredictable). These ships sail year after year and know how to deal with storms.

How much money do I need to bring?

On board the ship, you will not be able to use cash, only the Sea Pass card that will be issued to you when you board the ship. You will use that card like a credit card and at the end of the cruise, you can settle up in cash or simply give them a credit card to charge the balance for a quicker departure.

Can I get a handicap cabin? I heard they were bigger.

Only those with valid handicaps are able to book one of the handicap cabins. If you have such an injury/ailment, please let us know when you book.

What about shore excursions?

We will be offering some great clothing optional tours through the ship. You will be able to book those in advance, we will e-mail you the details closer to the sailing date.

Can I pick either late of early seating in the dining room?

Better yet, you can simply eat when you wish. We will have a very flexible "Eat when you wish" system that will allow you to eat early on one night and later on the next. It's your cruise, you decide when you want to eat.

Can we bring a 3rd person?

Only single ladies will be allowed to accompany a couple in their cabin. The cost is $225.00 for most cabins and $ 395.00 for suites.

Will I get seasick?

Today's ships are HUGE and have advanced stability controls to lessen the amount of movement and helps people avoid sea sickness. There are some over the counter prescriptions that can help make sure your cruise is a stress free and healthy experience. We recommend that you consult with your doctor if you fear that you might be prone to sea sickness.

Do I need a passport?

Yes. For more information on passports, go to www.Travel.State.Gov.

Will my cell phone/internet work on board the ship?

Yes, but for a price. It is very expensive to use your phone while on board. We recommend that you save your phone calls until you get into port and check with your wireless carrier to see what international rates you can get while traveling. The wireless internet is available (for a cost) in several areas of the ship as well as computer terminals that you can use (again for a price).

Is this a YOLO Cruise?

No, they are another company offereing a similar but very different product. Our company has been around for over 13 years and is the leading producer of lifestyle  cruises and full hotel takeovers. We have produced more group cruises than anyone else and enjoy our reputation as the industry leader in "lifestyle cruises". We are the only lifestyle charter with a price guarantee.  Experience and feel the difference being on a RADIANCE CLASS ship - you will love the ambiance and luxury.


Cruise With Confidence

You can "Cruise with Confidence" with LifestyleCruising.com. We guarantee you the lowest price, no matter when you book. If you book early, you'll get to pick your cabin without worrying about missing out on last minute sales or discounts. If we drop our rates, you'll get the lower price, no matter when you book.

If we have a sale, we'll credit the difference on your final payment, if you are paid in full, we'll give you a refund. So why wait to book The Couples Cruise? Book today and you'll not only get the chance to pick your cabin, but you won't have to wait until the last minute for a deal and possibly miss the boat.

Price Guarantee Fine Print: This guarantee pertains to the price per cabin and the one time additional charge that covers Port Charges, Taxes, Document Fees, Gratuities, Administration Security Fees. If either, or both of these prices are reduced, we will match the lower price for any customer by reducing the balance to reflect the reduction in price. If the cabin is paid in full, a refund for the difference will be made to the customer before the ship sails.

We are only responsible for our own pricing and cannot be responsible for any resellers pricing. Added value (such as free transfers, amenities, invitations to private parties, offers for additional on board credits, convention packages, and any other offers that do not include a reduction in the price of the cabin (per person) or the additional fee (Port Charges, Taxes, Document Fees, Gratuities, Administration Security Fees) does not count as a price reduction.


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